Super Cheap Flights! From Manila to Dubai from only PHP3,997.97

Cebu Pacific has super cheap flights from Manila to Dubai from only  PHP3,997.97 (~85USD) one way. Also from Dubai back to Manila only AED139 (~38USD)!

See the Burj Khalifa in Dubai

This is a city of superlatives, home to the world’s largest dancing fountain; tallest building (Burj Khalifa); only 7-star hotel (the Burj al-Arab); largest artificial islands (the Palm Islands); and largest natural flower garden (the Miracle Garden). Rent a dune buggy for a desert adventure, bargain at the open-air market, or cheer on your favorite humped hoofer at the Camel Race Track.

Example Travel Dates

  • Manila – Dubai, 1.12.2016 PHP3,997.97 (~85USD)
  • Manila – Dubai, 9.12.2016 PHP3,997.97 (~85USD)
  • Dubai – Manila, 8.2.2017 AED139 (~38USD)
  • Dubai – Manila, 11.2.2017 AED139 (~38USD)

From Manila to Dubai

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